We are living through a big change now, on this planet of ours, and we need each other to grow wiser, healthier and more aligned. ..From There to Here.

Join the community here and let’s share thoughts and reflections about creativity, awareness, worlds and art.

I’m doing my best to enjoy this gift of life while journeying here in various worlds and working as a music artist; communicating, building a community, sharing life force. In this newsletter I’ll share – in various creative and warm ways – about my adventures. I’m also soon releasing my debut album, so a lot is going on.

I’d be thrilled to journey with you!

From There to Here.



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Hi friend! I'm journeying From There to Here; navigating these challenging times with much warmth – and with music.


Interdisciplinary music artist; sonic poet, composer, vocal artist, sound designer, movement artist, educator, improviser. Based in Helsinki, Finland.